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What are cookies? Well, you’ve probably guessed by now they aren’t the edible kind. In fact, they are simply text files stored on your computer by websites you visit. Almost all websites use them.

Some cookies are essential and without them, the site wouldn’t function correctly. Others help site owners to gather data on how people use their website. Cookies can also be used for marketing purposes. We’ve all probably had that experience of looking at a product and then repeatedly seeing an ad of that product follow us about the web.

How We Use Cookies

We may use cookies on our website so we can better understand how to improve users’ experience. If you don’t want cookies to be used, your browser will have a setting which allows you to deny them.

How we use cookies at Image Arts Studio

Cookies are really useful for us in understanding how to improve our site. We want to give people the best experience and can only do that when we have information about how visitors use the site.

Turning off cookies

You can turn off cookies in your browser’s settings. This will disable them for all the websites you visit. Please be mindful though that you may not be able to access some information or services, depending on how the company uses cookies. If you disable them and later find you’re having difficulties accessing web pages, you can always enable them again. You’ll find more information on how to disable cookies on Google’s Enable or disable cookies page.

Happy browsing

If you’re happy to continue to use cookies, great, continue to explore our site. Or if you’d like to chat to us about it, contact us.

For more information, read our privacy policy.